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Intelligent Business Solutions

  • Zoetis

    SharePoint 2013 Upgrade

    Pfizer spun off its Animal Health division forming a new company called Zoetis. Enterprise Blocks migrated a number of SharePoint 2007 portals from the Pfizer shared service environment to a new environment hosted at Zoetis running SharePoint 2013.

  • Lotus Notes

    Lotus Notes and SAP Migration

    Enterprise Blocks migrated a large Lotus Notes system into a new SharePoint content portal. The project included data migration and consolidation efforts moving applications and content from Lotus Notes and SAP into the new system.

  • Montgomery County College

    Academic Affairs Dashboard

    Montgomery County College needed a way to easily view student data such as registration and persistence. Enterprise Blocks developed a dashboard using PerformancePoint that pulled data from a Blackboard Analytics data warehouse in order to provide this information to decision makers.

  • Feedback Payback

    Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution

    Enterprise Blocks created an end-to-end solution for Feedback Payback to send surveys to retail clients on their phones and then provide merchants insight into the feedback they are getting from these surveys.